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What is Allisure AC-23? I have been told that it is the
only true stable allicin (Allisure).
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    Allimed® products always contain Allisure® which signifies that the products are

    N J Bennett
    Managing Director
    Allicin International Ltd

What is Stable Allicin?
    •        Stabilized allicin is the result of a patented process which produces
    purified, living-source, completely stable allicin-for the first time in history.  
    Allicin is not garlic - but the fully potent, active factor in concentrated form,
    never before available.  It has broad spectrum properties coupled with
    strong, immune boosting and immunomodulating capacity.  This
    makes stabilized allicin a highly significant clinical agent, especially in
    today’s world of widespread epidemics.
    •        British scientists have developed a proprietary process through
    which the naturallyoccurring allicin in garlic is extracted, stabilized and
    concentrated.  The end result is the extremely potent and effective
    product: Allimed ®.

What is in garlic that makes it so powerful?
    •        What is allicin ? When fresh garlic is cut or crushed, a sulphur
    compound, allicin
    •        (ay-leen) combines with an enzyme called allinase and a chemical
    reaction starts. The first compound that is formed is allicin. Unfortunately
    allicin generated from fresh garlic is unstable and quickly changes into a
    series of other sulpher containing compound, known as thiosulphinates.
    •        Allicin is the one compound that is described as the “mother”
    substance and responsible in total or in part for the antifungal, antiviral
    and antibacterial properties attributable to garlic. The “mother”
    substance, quickly breaks down to form a family of beneficial sulfur
    compounds that can aid health, immunity and general well-being. This
    whole “family” is needed to get a real measurable benefit from a garlic
How allicin (Allisure®) Is made?
    •        Chemist Peter Josling, scientist Norman Bennett and collaborators
    have recently come up with a completely new, patented approach to
    producing a garlic supplement containing real, pre-formed allicin. At a
    high concentration allicin is an oily unstable substance that quickly
    decomposes. However our patented allicin production process dilutes
    allicin very quickly to a concentration where it is stabilized and can be
    dried to produce the Allimed® formulations.
    Allimed® is made in the same way that allicin from fresh garlic is formed.
    In a unique temperature and pressure-controlled process, water is used
    to continually flush allicin from a reaction vessel as soon as it’s formed.
    This yields a diluted water solution of allicin, which is further diluted and
    freeze-dried onto a maltodextrin-matrix to produce stable allicin powder.
    •        These controlled conditions maintain allicin’s potency and
    bioactivity. This sophisticated refinement process has for the first time
    captured garlic’s active component – allicin –and delivers it directly to
    where your body needs it.
Does allicin Taste Like Garlic?
    •        Yes, however Allicin does not cause a lingering garlic odor in the
    way that using garlic capsules or liquid does.
Is allicin safe?
    •        Government approved tests show that several hundred capsules
    per day could be taken in one dose without detrimental effects! Can I
    Take allicin with my Medicines?
    •        Research shows that allicin can be taken with all medications with
    no adverse effects. However it is advise that if you are diabetic or on
    blood thinners or blood pressure medication you check with your doctor.
    Always err on the side of caution - if in doubt, please check with your
What is the difference between Allimax, AlliUltra and
    Allisure amount per capsules:  
    •        Allimax:  180 mg.
    •        Alliultra:  360 mg.
    •        Allimed:  450 mg.

    Allisure amount per drop of liquid (from a glass dropper):
    •        Allimax Liquid:  20 drops = 450 mg.
    •        Alliultra Liquid:  12 drops = 450 mg.
    •        Allimed Liquid:    6 drops = 450 mg.

    Allimed Info:
    •        1 tsp. Allimed = 12 Allimed caps
    •        1 tsp. = 100 drops (from glass dropper)
    •        6 tsp. = 1 oz. or 30ml
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food
and Drug Administration.  This product and statements is
not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Allicin FAQ
Allicin from Garlic:
Successfully stabilized
by a team of doctors and
biochemists in England.

Dr. Ronald Cutler, PhD,
Infectious disease
specialist and professor
London, England.
Biochemist, Peter
and Norman
Biochemists, Peter
Josling and Norman
Bennett,  providing
knowledge of the
power of stabilized
allicin. They continue
their research to bring
more worlwide benefit
from utilizing stable
allicin in simple